Plumbing Sundries

Plumbing Sundries

At Jewson, we supply all those extras that are often forgotten about. Our extensive range of plumbing sundries includes soldering products, fixings, jointing items, pipe insulation, washers, wastes and plugs, radiator keys, cistern fittings, clips, wire wool and drain cleaner. If you have any questions whatsoever about plumbing sundries please contact your nearest branch and they'll be happy to help.


  • Sanitaryware Fittings

    Sanitaryware Fittings

    Everything you need for sanitaryware fittings from close coupling kits to pan fixing screws to cistern levers.

  • Cistern Fittings

    Cistern Fittings

    Spare parts for cisterns such as ballvalves, floats and push buttons.

  • Wastes & Plugs

    Wastes & Plugs

    Choose from classic black or modern chrome plated plugs and wastes.

  • Washers


    A comprehensive range of washers for plumbing.

  • Olives


    Brass olives in standard sizes.

  • Washing Machine Hoses

    Washing Machine Hoses

    Washing machine hose, in a choice of length, suitable for hot and cold water.

  • Radiator Keys

    Radiator Keys

    Pair of brass radiator keys.

  • Push Fit Stop End

    Push Fit Stop End

    Push fit stop ends in two sizes.

  • Talon Pipe Clips

    Talon Pipe Clips

    Securely fix pipework with strong talon pipe grips.

  • Solder & Flux

    Solder & Flux

    Solder wire and flux for brazing and soldering pipework.

  • Wire Wool

    Wire Wool

    Perfect for cleaning pipes and smoothing edges prior to installation.

  • Sealing Tape

    Sealing Tape

    PTFE tape for creating the perfect seal.

  • Plumbers Mait

    Plumbers Mait

    Plumber’s Mait is a strong, waterproof putty that sets quickly making it ideal for instant repair to pipes, radiators, tanks and cylinders.