Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use continuous accumulation of low-level ambient warmth, for example in the air which is heated by the sun, to create concentrated heat within a storage tank, which then serves a conventional or under-floor central heating system. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint of heating requirements, and lowers the bills that attend traditionally-fuelled heaters. Ground-source heat pumps recover heat (from the sun), stored in the ground.


  • Air to Air Source Heat Pumps

    Air to Air Source Heat Pumps

    Air-to-air heat pumps comprise outdoor and indoor units which use ambient temperature differences to transfer heat energy outside, to the indoors.

  • Air to Water Source Heat Pumps

    Air to Water Source Heat Pumps

    Rather like a refrigerator, this works by extracting heat from one area, and dumping it elsewhere; in this case, in your hot-water tank, indoors.

  • Exhaust Air Heat Pump

    Exhaust Air Heat Pump

    These systems recover heat from warm parts of a building, and accumulate it in a hot water tank for distribution to radiators or under-floor systems.

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Ground Source Heat Pumps

    A variety of systems are available to suit new-builds or existing properties.

  • Heat Pump Accessories

    Heat Pump Accessories

    Range of accessories to equip and maintain heat pump systems.