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Expert's House Extension Advice 


A house extension is the perfect way to add more space to a house without needing to move. Plus, with careful budgetary planning, it will add real value to a property. There are a few important factors to consider before beginning any build work. 
What do I need to consider before starting?

  • Site access 

  • Surrounding trees

  • Soil conditions

  • Right of way

  • Flooding history

Will I need planning permission?

Planning laws often get changed and tweaked by the government and local councils. You should always check with your local planning department before starting.
Read our page on planning permission for more detail.

What will it cost?

You don’t need to work this out down to the last penny, as projects often change or new costs occur. However, a good approximation is sensible before you begin building. This is important to consider because your street will have a price ceiling. If your home is already touching that, then no matter how much you spend by doing the extension, you'll be very unlikely to get back that money back when you come to sell.

Who will do the work?

This is up to you! Depending on your own skills, confidence and time, you could take on some of the work yourself. We would suggest using a trade professional for the more technical work. You should only use a tradesperson if you have seen their work or they have been recommended to you. Try and get at least three quotes based on a detailed itinerary of works. Make sure there are no hidden costs, and agree a payment schedule as the project progresses. A fixed price contract for agreed works will ensure that you have complete control over costs.

What materials will I need? 

Here at Jewson, our colleagues have years of experience and knowledge. They can help suggest what materials will be most suitable for your project. Visit your local branch to get expert advice and materials whenever you need it. Our self build team has worked with thousands of people over the years to help them create their dream home. Whether you need material advice on a small job, or a total new build – they are there to support you. 

Our range of sands includes building, sharp and ballast sand for various construction uses.

Our selection of clay facing bricks has a range of textures and colours to achieve any desired look.

We have blocks of various strengths and qualities to help with noise reduction and low thermal conductivity.

Our selection of wall insulation features the UK's leading brands and manufacturers including Isover, Rockwool and Recticel.