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What tools do I need to clean up after building work?

It always happens, you finish the work, it looks great but you turn around and there’s a huge mess. Now what? We love cleaning, but not everyone does. Here are some of our favourite tools which can help make the area look spick and span.

​​​​​​​Tool list: 

Pressure washer 

  • For dirt and grime that just won’t budge, pressures washers are an effective way to spray away the mess. It is also very satisfying to see. Designed for use outdoors, as you might get a bit wet if you use it indoors. 

Industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners do more than just make a carpet look new. Motor vacuums deep clean dry and damp surfaces using a wet vacuum. Dust extractors can be used throughout your work to reduce dust levels in the air, improving air quality and safety. No need to empty every 5 minutes, industrial vacuum cleaners have impressive capacities. 


  • Building work always produces some waste. Hiring a skip is a great way to keep on top of the mess, with easy disposal at the end. Available in a range of capacities to suit jobs of any size. 

Skip ramps and rubbish chutes

  • No need to run up and down stairs to the skip, rubbish chutes allow you to safely get rubbish down from several storeys up – saving loads of time and effort. Big jobs need big skips. To be able to get stuff in it, skip ramps are really useful to provide easy access. 

Hazardous waste disposal 

  • Some materials are considered hazardous which cannot be disposed with domestic waste and sent to the landfill. We are happy to dispose of your hazardous waste through our specialist service. 

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