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What Tools Do I Need to Demolish a Wall?

Knocking down interior walls is a great way to open up rooms and provide extra space. Or you might just be feeling a bit destructive! Either way, we have a list of equipment you will need to get that wall down.  

Tool list:

  • Pipe and electric detector 
  • Rotary demolition drill/hammer
  • Sledge hammer 
  • Reciprocating saw 
  • PPE (ventilation mask, eyewear, gloves)
  • Reinforced steel joists (if removing a load bearing wall)

Demolition tips:

  • Before you start swinging your sledge hammer, make sure you know if the wall is load bearing or not. If it is and you haven’t reinforced it, you’ll likely end up with the ceiling falling in on you.

Knocked a hole in the wrong wall? Visit our page on fixing walls to see what you need. 


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