Baths, Screens & Panels

Baths, Screens & Panels

Create a stylish and practical bathing space with a choice of baths in various shapes and sizes. There are various options to position the taps depending upon your individual requirements.

If a shower is going over the bath then there's the possibility of opting for a showerbath to provide more space to stand. The options are in a P or L shape and have a screen attached. Finish off the look with the right bath panelling to create a style that's all your own.


  • Baths


    A selection of baths to suit a variety of spaces and applications.

  • Showerbaths


    A showerbath is the perfect way to combine the luxury of a bath with the flexibility of a shower.

  • Bath Screens

    Bath Screens

    A selection of screens to be used on a showerbath including features such as towel rails.

  • Bath Panels

    Bath Panels

    Bath panels give the finishing touch to your bath and come in a variety of styles.