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5 misconceptions about modern kitchens (and why they are wrong)

When it comes to kitchens, there are three broad style options to choose from, something traditional that boasts plenty of detailing, something streamlined and high-gloss for a modern look or shaker-style which often sits between the two.

If you are looking to update your kitchen and erring towards a contemporary design, you may be wondering how to make a modern style kitchen work in your home without it looking too neutral or sparse.

When it comes to interiors, the word ‘modern’, for many people, will conjure up an image of stark white rooms that don’t look lived in or homely, however, that need not be the case, check out our five common misconceptions about contemporary kitchens and why they are inaccurate.

Common kitchen misconceptions

They have to be white

White is a colour strongly associated with contemporary interior design however, if it is too stark for your tastes there are plenty of alternatives available. If you want to adopt a neutral palette, opt for a kitchen such as Baden Avant which is available in on-trend colours including cashmere and clay.

Common kitchen misconceptions

They only look good in modern apartments and new builds

Not so, modern kitchens can look amazing when installed within a traditional property, creating a bold style statement that adds the wow factor.

Common kitchen misconceptions

The natural look is discouraged

It can be easy to assume that contemporary kitchens are all about smooth, gloss surfaces in a neutral colour, however, with kitchens such as the Madrid, a contemporary design is blended with a linear wood grain; a perfect match of the traditional and contemporary.

It’s not ‘family friendly’

While contemporary kitchens are probably most associated with young, working professionals, a modern kitchen such as Oslo from Jewson Kitchens, is a great choice for busy families. With the slab style doors and fuss-free finish the kitchen is easy to keep clean, meaning less time tied to the kitchen and more time together as a family.

They’re best suited to large spaces

Contemporary kitchens are a great choice for any size kitchen and can be used to great effect in small spaces where the wide doors and drawers can create the illusion of width and the high-gloss finish can help bounce light around the room, again helping to maximise the space.

Check the wide style of modern kitchens from Jewson Kitchens, or call 02476 608235 for advice on booking a showroom or free home survey appointment.

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