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How to choose the right kitchen worktop

There are plenty of things to consider when looking to invest in a kitchen worktop – never underestimate how much time you’ll spend putting the thing through its paces over the years to come! Before signing on the dotted line…as it were…you need to think carefully and realistically about not only the look of the worktop, but also its practicality and the budget you have to spend

You’ll find hundreds of options at your disposal and it would only be fair to say that each and every one has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. However, choices can generally be narrowed down by looking at the most popular and readily available materials of all, which are as follows:

Granite worktops


Granite worktops are perhaps the most sought-after and highly-prized in the world today, though can at the same time be surprisingly affordable. These surfaces are excellent for anyone with a taste for baking as they remain cold at most times, while their naturally hard-wearing properties can stand up to an incredible amount of abuse.

And as far as aesthetics go, each and every granite kitchen worktop is 100% unique and therefore adds incredible charm the likes of which little else comes close to. The only downside may be that granite is pricier than say wood or laminate.

Laminate worktops


Laminate worktops are typically the most affordable and yet provide incredible durability and stunning good looks. Laminate can be finished in pretty much any shade and design imaginable, opening up limitless opportunities for creativity.

They are also resistant to heat, extremely easy to clean and can be repaired or replaced more cheaply and easily than granite or wood.

Solid wood worktops

Solid wood

You can make a case that there’s no material in the world that adds a touch of character and warmth better than solid wood. A solid wood kitchen worktop is stunning to look at, exceptionally hard-wearing and offers comprehensive resistance to the onslaught of everyday family life.

Price-wise, solid wood usually falls right in the middle between laminate and granite, however this depends on the type of wood chosen. Typically, harder woods like oak and teak come at a cost premium, but tend to last longer as well.

For more help with choosing a kitchen worktops or anything else related to kitchen improvements, get in touch with Jewson Kitchens today or take a look at the what's available online. Browse kitchen worktops.

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