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7 ways you can make the most of your galley kitchen

With the trend towards creating open plan living spaces, galley kitchens, which are typically long and narrow, can present a problem to homeowners. While in some properties it may be possible to remove a wall and open the kitchen up, for many, whether due to the style of the property or budget constraints, the only solution is to make the most of the existing space.

Galley kitchens, while often small, are in fact pretty efficient in terms of design and great for cooking (many professional kitchens adopt a galley style design) as the ‘cooking triangle’, (fridge to hob to sink), is often perfectly positioned.

If you are wondering how to make the most of your galley kitchen, check out our top seven tips which could help you turn your unloved galley, into the kitchen of your dreams…

Double up on units

Double up

The ideal layout within a galley kitchen is for a double run of units (units on both sides of the "aisle"), this offers the maximum amount of cupboard and worktop space.

If the space isn’t quite wide enough to warrant a double run, consider whether it would fit a single run along one wall and then a narrower worktop along the other, (your kitchen fitter should be able to cut the worktop to the desired size), helping to create the illusion of width and offering additional worktop space.

Add an eating area

Add in an eating area

A clear drawback of a galley kitchen is that due to their size and shape, fitting in a full dining table is often unrealistic.

However, if faced with a long galley kitchen it may be possible to install a breakfast bar area at one end. While not creating the open-plan kitchen/diner many of us aim for, it does help the space become more social.

Think storage

Think storage

Important in every kitchen but especially so when space is at a premium, effective storage is a must in every galley kitchen.

Whether it is storage solutions that maximise cupboard space such as the Kessebohmer storage solutions available from Jewson Kitchens, or useful additions that make the kitchen work more efficiently, consider storage from the outset of your kitchen renovation project.

Make the most of natural light

Make the most of natural light

Natural light helps make the most of any space, often helping it to feel bigger and brighter. If your galley kitchen has little natural light, look at ways it could be introduced – for example, if the kitchen is the product of an extension, could a roof window be installed?

Also, keep window dressings to a minimum to ensure the most amount of light can come in. Where the space is naturally dark, introduce a choice of lighting, from bright task lighting for when you're preparing food to ambient lighting for evenings.

Choose your style

Choose your style

Whether you prefer traditional, modern or a combination of both, every style of kitchen works well in a galley layout. Ultra-contemporary kitchens, with their high-gloss finish, wide doors and streamlined look work particularly well, helping to bounce light around the room as well as to create an illusion of space.

If your style is more towards the ornate, don’t worry, traditional-style kitchens can also look great in a galley shaped kitchen. Opt for light colours such as cream or ivory to add light and warmth to the space.

Think outside the box

Think outside the box

For galley kitchens that are very narrow, it may be an option to use wall cupboards, which are narrower than base units. This helps to maximise cupboard space on the lower level, while at the same time opening out the top half of the kitchen and giving the impression of more width than there actually is.

Speak with your kitchen design consultant or kitchen fitter for advice.

Add height

Add height

When width is at a premium, you have to make the most of the other dimensions.

Installing a tall cupboard, which can work as a pantry, could be a great use of space, adding height and making the most of every available inch.

Here at Jewson Kitchens we supply a wide range of quality kitchens, from modern to traditional and shaker-style. Kitchens are available in a choice of assembly options including self-assembly, ready assembled and premium assembled. You’ll also find a range of finishes including paint to order.

To help you with your kitchen project, our team of experienced design consultants are on hand to help the process run as smoothly as possible. Options include a home visit to take measurements, and a 3-D design plan to ensure the kitchen delivers in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

To make an appointment with a design consultant or to arrange a visit to your local showroom, call 02476 608235.

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