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Making Better Homes help and advice hub

We have put together some helpful articles on how to make your projects more sustainable. Read about renovations, available grants, training and more.

Solar panels on a roof

Solar PV

The solar PV market is bigger than ever. With rising energy prices and ambitious Net Zero targets leading the UK away from fossil fuels, solar PV has become one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of generating renewable energy for homes and businesses. 

Read about solar PV

Sustainable bathrooms

Building bathrooms that make a cleaner, greener world

It’s likely that your customers are growing more concerned about their personal impact on the environment, but also want to keep the same levels of comfort in their home. 

Read more about better bathrooms

More articles

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pump uses heat energy from the air, and converts it into energy to heat homes. Grant heat pumps are ‘air-to-water’, which means that they extract useful heat from the outside air, and transfer it into ‘wet’ heating systems such as radiators or underfloor heating. 

Learn about air source heat pumps

Solar panels on roof

Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems allow householders to utilise the power of the sun to provide hot water to their home. With zero CO₂  emissions, solar thermal is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional energy sources, and can be easily incorporated into a new or existing heating system.

Read about solar thermal

Sustainable kitchens

Helping customers with the kitchens of tomorrow

One of the most popular areas for home renovations is the kitchen. With the possibility of such a big project for your customers, why not help them out by sourcing and installing the kitchen appliances too?

Read about sustainable kitchens


Airtightness: the key to creating comfortable homes

If you’re looking to create a truly comfortable home for your customer, then you should definitely be considering airtightness levels.

Read about airtightness

Actis insulation

Meeting Government standards with Actis insulation

With clear government sustainability targets on the horizon, the construction industry is having to adjust to meet new greener standards. 

Find out more about Actis insulation

Loft conversion

A window into the future of loft conversions

Your customers want more room, more natural light and less hassle in their homes, so they can live happier, more comfortable lives.

Read more about loft conversions

Installing underfloor heating

Warming up to underfloor heating

Bathrooms can be cold, damp rooms, but one easy way to add comfort to these spaces for your customers, is to install underfloor heating.

Find out more about underfloor heating

Read the training guide

Top of the class: a tradesperson's guide to training

Although offering popular energy efficient solutions can help you win more work, they often require specific training.

Read the training guide

Read about sedum roofing

Blooming lovely: The benefits of sedum roofing

Here’s why sedum roofs are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their home better for the environment.

Sedum roofs - read more

Reduce concrete use

Why rethinking concrete is a solid idea for your projects

Construction has a major problem when it comes to the impact it has on the environment.

Reduce concrete use

Efficient extensions

Easy wins for an efficient extension

Due to people spending more time at home last year, the demand for extensions rose by over 50% in 2020.

Discover efficient extensions

Airflow by UNOhab

Taking ventilation to the next level with Airflow by Unohab

One of the most effective high-tech ventilation systems is the Unohab single room heat recovery unit by Airflow. 

Read about ventilation


Create seals that last with PipeSnug

Introducing: PipeSnug. This handy piece of kit is the only pipe sealant on the market that automatically meets Part L requirements.

Find out more about PipeSnug

Looking outside the box with outbuildings

Looking outside the box with outbuildings

If a full extension or loft conversion is a bit too daunting for your customers, then creating an outbuilding could be a good compromise.

Discover outbuildings from Jewson

Turning the tide on the impact of flooding

Turning the tide on the impact of flooding

Let’s take a closer look at what’s causing the problem and what you can do to help your customers prepare and protect their homes.  

Reduce the impact of flooding

Timloc ventilation

A breath of fresh air: innovative ventilation solutions with Timloc

As a nation, we spend a lot of time indoors – whether that’s spending time at home or working in an office or indoor workspace.

Read about Timloc ventilation

Gyproc plasterboard

Adding value with Gyproc plasterboard

Plasterboard is the bread and butter of most projects – especially renovation jobs. 

Read about Gyproc plasterboard

Discover loft conversions

Raising the roof with loft conversions

Whether it’s for an extra bedroom, bathroom, office space or personal gym, loft conversions are a great way to add value to a customer’s home.

Discover loft conversions

A guide to the Welsh Optimised Retrofit project

A guide to the Welsh Optimised Retrofit project

The Optimised Retrofit Project has an aim of decarbonising homes across Wales by making them more energy efficient and ultimately, zero carbon.

Read the guide

Read about Help to Build

Making the most of Help to Build

In April 2021, the Government announced its £150 million ‘Help to Build’ scheme which will make it easier and more affordable for self-builders across the UK to build their own homes.

Learn about the Help to Build scheme

A guide to the Home Energy Scotland loan

A guide to the Home Energy Scotland loan

Some of the government support is more localised, and so if you’re in Scotland, you may have heard of the Home Energy Scotland Loan.

Learn about the Home Energy Scotland loan

Warm up to the heat pump trend

Why you should warm up to the heat pump trend

When making home improvements, more customers are now asking for solutions to be energy efficient and sustainable.

Read about heat pumps