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Airflow by Unohab

Taking ventilation to the next level with Airflow by Unohab

The importance of good ventilation in the home cannot be understated. Smart technology that helps homeowners achieve this are gaining popularity as they provide an intelligent solution to healthier and comfier homes. This is particularly true for extensions; these additional spaces still need to comply with regulations and be well ventilated to prolong the life of the building.  

One of the most effective high-tech ventilation systems is the Unohab single room heat recovery unit by Airflow. So, here’s a bit more information about the product that may just be the perfect fit for your next extension project.

What is it?

Traditional ventilation systems use separate ducts to distribute the supply and extraction of air. Unohab, on the other hand, is a decentralised mechanical ventilation solution, which means that the process of supplying and extracting air is done without ducting. It can be used in a new build or a renovation project, meaning it can be installed in addition to the existing ventilation system – saving your customers from forking out for a brand-new system.

It has three modes – heat recovery, cross-ventilation and supply air. The latter two are designed to bring in fresh air, with the cross-ventilation mode proving particularly useful during summer, as it draws out the hot stagnant air. The supply air function also draws in fresh air when an extractor fan is activated in a wet room, assuming the fans have been connected. On the other hand, the heat recovery mode switches between air supply and extraction each minute, designed to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit that comes with this innovative ventilation system is energy efficiency. With heat recovery mode, Unohab has thermal efficiency capabilities of up to 88%! This not only helps homeowners save money, but it complies with building regulations, such as Part L of the Future Homes Standard. This is an important regulation that dictates fuel efficiency for new builds. Energy efficiency is also fast becoming a main consideration for homeowners, as they become more aware of their impact on the environment. It’s important that you’re familiar with solutions that meet their standards.

Once installed, your customer will be able to easily regulate the system with the handy LED controller, which allows them switch between modes and control the speed of ventilation.

For more information on the Unohab ventilation system, get in touch with your local Jewson branch or read more on the Jewson hub