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Blooming lovely: The benefits of sedum roofingSedum roofing

If your customer is looking to breathe a bit more life into their outside space, or they want to do their bit for the local ecosystem, talk to them about sedum roofing – otherwise known as a living roof. Here’s why they are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their home better for the environment.

What is sedum roofing?
Sedum roofs are flowered panels that can be attached to garden shed roofs, outbuildings or even extensions. This means they’re ideal for homeowners who are not only environmentally-conscious, but have a smaller garden space to work with. They create a fantastic area for plant life to thrive, and are a suitable habitat for bees and other small insects.

What is the benefit of using living roofs?
The main benefit of sedum roofing is that it’s an easy way to create a mini-ecosystem that supports nature, while reducing the carbon footprint of a customer’s home. And it’s fair to say they look pretty cool too!

Here’s the science bit. The plants create what’s called a carbon sink, meaning they absorb carbon in the surrounding air, helping to create a cleaner, healthier atmosphere. 

Of course, adding greenery to homes doesn’t just help the planet and wildlife. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to help support people’s general wellbeing.
So, sedum roofs are a great way for customers to create happier, healthier homes, especially if they’re visible from above. Perfect for staring out onto when they’re having their morning cuppa.

Another great benefit you should talk to your customer about is that by having greenery on their extensions and outbuildings, customers can reduce immediate rainwater run-off by 90%. This helps to ease the pressure on drainage systems and can reduce the risk of flooding when we get those heavy downpours. 

How do I install them? I don’t know anything about plants...
Sedum roofing couldn’t be easier to install, as the product comes in the form of pre-grown tiles. These weigh between 65kg and 75kg per m² (dependant on the style of tile), all you need to do is add a bonding sheet and a border, and stick them to the surface of any roof. If in doubt, just ask in your local Jewson branch and a colleague will talk you through the process.

Are they fit and forget?
Once installed, sedum roofing doesn’t need much attention from customers. All you need to tell them is to water them more as the weather warms up and remove any fallen leaves covering the plants or blocking drains. 

The plants on sedum roofing can sometimes turn red during drier, summer months, but they are durable and can cope. If there’s an extreme heatwave, a little water in the evening will keep your customer’s mini-ecosystem thriving. This is best done with a hosepipe.

To find out more about sedum roofing and other products that create a comfortable, environmentally friendly home, check out more articles on the Making Better Homes hub