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At Jewson Partnership Solutions we partner with housing providers to create a bespoke, one-stop supply chain solution, which allows them to efficiently maintain and develop their property network.
The role of the merchant within the supply chain has changed and Jewson is leading the way developing new service and delivery models to add value for our customers.


Jewson's extensive experience of working with customers from a wide range of sectors means that we understand the many different issues that different businesses face.
So, we've developed a range of market leading, flexible solutions that can be easily customised to meet your specific needs.


Our Managed Stores can be beneficial in a number of ways. By using Jewson Partnership Solutions to manage your stores, either from existing premises or from a new site, you gain our expertise in stock management and IT. We also apply our expertise to rationalise your stock holding, reduce administration and improve efficiency on your behalf.

In addition, you can leave it to Jewson to provide all necessary staff welfare and waste management facilities, as well appropriate storage for plant, equipment and stock.
In effect, Jewson becomes an intrinsic part of your operation, enabling you to further improve the service you offer to your clients.


Where it's appropriate, we can provide staff in one or more Jewson branches who are dedicated to serving your business. 
They will have detailed knowledge of your specific needs so that you benefit from the fastest and most efficient service possible. As part of the service, we can also hold dedicated stock and set up a counter for use exclusively by your staff in order to achieve rapid turnaround and reduced downtime.


In some cases, the best solution can be to set up a dedicated Jewson branch on your site. This may be appropriate, for example, on large scale projects where a broad range of materials is required quickly, or where security is an issue.


This service enables operatives to complete the majority of repairs on their first visit, greatly improving the performance and efficiency of your repairs service. 
Jewson will work with you to rationalise your core stock requirements and to make sure that your range of products is always held in-branch in adequate stocks to ensure the efficient replenishment of your fleet.

But our range of services doesn’t stop there, visit the new Jewson Partnership Solutions website to see more.