Power Tool Accessories

Power Tool Accessories

A power tool can only be as good as the part that's actually doing the cutting, drilling, grinding or sawing. That's why at Jewson we keep a sterling selection of the very best accessories that money can buy. Blades, discs, drills and saws from the best brands in the trade such as Bosch, DeWalt, Irwin, Trend, Wera and Bacho.

We also carry our own branded parts that combine robust quality with affordability. Our trained staff in our branches throughout the UK can offer expert technical advice on choosing the right blades, discs, drills or saws for your job.


  • Cutting Accessories

    Cutting Accessories

    A comprehensive collection of quality holesaws and cutting blades suitable for a variety of purposes.

  • Drilling Accessories

    Drilling Accessories

    A comprehensive selection of drills and router bits suitable for concrete, masonry, woodworking and metal.

  • Screwdriver Bits

    Screwdriver Bits

    Extensive selection of screwdriver bits in many different sizes.

  • Diamond Cores

    Diamond Cores

    When only the hardest will do for tackling the toughest of tasks.

  • Diamond Blades

    Diamond Blades

    An extensive selection of diamond blades for tackling the toughest of tasks against the hardest of materials.

  • Abrasives


    A selection of abrasive belts, discs and sheets suitable for a variety of tasks.

  • Saw Accessories