Build a Garage

There are a number of reasons as to why you might want to build a garage on your property, from providing a safe place to store your vehicle to having a workshop and storeroom for all those essential DIY jobs. Building regulations will be required and also check with your local authority to see whether you need planning permission. This can be done through the planning department's website.

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A building inspector will also be able to advise on how deep your footings will be to make up the foundations for the garage. Their actual depth will depend upon the existing substrate, and the position and size of trees in the local vicinity. Use foundation blocks and bricks on top of the new foundations and then lay a pad using a waterproof membrane and a suitable concrete mix.

Jewson have an excellent Tool Hire Service for tools such as plate compactors or power floats. We can advise on what piece of plant is correct for any particular job, and provide a delivery and collection service so that you'll only have the kit for the time that it is required.

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If you need any other advice or guidance on materials, or any other part of your project, drop into your local branch where one of our skilled staff will happily assist. Our Self Build team has helped thousands of people through numerous jobs from doing a loft conversion to building an entire house. We have a wealth of knowledge that has been built upon years of experience.

The walls can be constructed using bricks and blocks whilst the roof can be of pitched design using timbers, roofing felt and tiles. It is also possible to use roofing sheets from Jewson's extensive range. A flat roof can be more economical but does require maintenance over time to ensure that it doesn't leak.

Once the main construction has been completed the garage extension can be finished internally using a hard wearing floor paint. This can be applied directly to the concrete floor and provides a durable surface that is easy to clean.

Your choice of garage door will add a personal touch to the project and it can be made of wood, steel or fibreglass. Many can be fitted with a remote control system so that you don't even need to leave the comfort of your car when returning home.

Whether you choose to build your own garage or use one of the prefabricated kits that are on the market is down to personal choice. Whatever your requirements from building a new house from scratch you can apply for a Jewson Self Build credit account which offers up to £20,000 credit whilst giving you the service and advice you'll need to complete your project.

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