Site Safety

Health and Safety on Your Project

Safety is of the utmost importance on any site. Health and Safety procedures must be adhered to at all times. If an accident occurs, the site and all work on it will be investigated and as the owner you will be liable to prosecution.

Your Responsibilities

It is your duty as site owner and manager to ensure that all people on site behave responsibly. Alcohol should not be consumed and workers should not be intoxicated. All duties should be undertaken professionally at all times.

Protective Clothing

All site workers should wear clothing that is suitable to work in and will protect them whilst they go about their duties, such as ear protectors when power tools are to be used.


Ensure that your site insurance is up to date and covers all possible eventualities.


Anyone visiting your site should be signed in so that a record can be kept of anyone who has been on site. Your site should be declared a hard hat area and hard hats should be given to all visitors.

First Aid

A fully stocked first aid box should be kept on site. Everyone who works on site should be aware of where the box is kept. The following items should always be ready for use:

  • Plasters
  • Eye pads
  • Eye wash
  • Triangular bandages
  • Safety pins
  • Bandages
  • Dressings
  • Gloves
  • Wipes
  • An accident report book

These items should be stored in the official green first aid box.

Ideally at least one worker on site should have first aid training. Ensure there is always a telephone on site for use in case of emergency. You should also hold a list of next of kin details of all workers on the site.


Under no circumstances should children be allowed on the building site.


Your site should be surrounded with a strong high fence and the entrance secured with a padlock. Tools, materials and machinery must be locked away each night or removed. Subcontractors who leave tools on site do so at their own risk, they must also have their own insurance cover but ultimately you are responsible for their safety. Fencing, tool safes and other security products are available for hire from Jewson. Visit Tool Hire Online or ask in branch.

Skilled Workers

Check and make sure that the workers you employ are qualified for the skills they are hired to perform. Skimping on skilled labour will not only affect the quality of the build but could also cause danger if the workers do not follow established safety procedures.


The house must have scaffolding for the bricklayers and roofers to work from. It is no longer permissible for builders to work just from ladders. Ensure that the company that you hire your scaffolding from supply trained erectors to set up the scaffolding on your site. Never under any circumstances allow anyone apart from the scaffolders to dismantle or tamper with the scaffolding. You can hire your scaffolding from Jewson and your Account Manager will advise you on this issue. As a duty holder you must consider the Work at Height regulations. For more information visit


In case of fire all workers must be made aware of fire points and procedures.


Workers should be able to work in well-lit and well-ventilated areas at all times. There should also be protection against the elements.


There should be provisions for all workers to have access to washing facilities, drinking water and a toilet. Site Toilets are available for hire from Jewson. Visit Tool Hire Online or ask in branch.