When it comes to choosing a roof for your self build project there are many factors to take into consideration. Modern roofs go beyond just providing shelter, support and insulation; a well-designed roof can bring a variety of sustainable benefits as well.

Whether you're looking to increase levels of daylight, harness the sun's energy for power or collect rainwater for domestic use, Jewson has the solutions.


When you fly over the UK you'll see an abundance of tiles staring back at you. That's because tiles are the most commonly specified roof surface. Simply speak to your local Jewson branch to find out which tiles will be best for your self build project. For example you may want to consider reconstituted slate tiles contain up to 95% recycled content and are widely available.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofing is an extremely flexible material that can be moulded to a variety of designs. The steel base is coated with a durable material such as zinc or HM polyester and is available in both long and short sheets. Ever more popular, standing seam is the preferred option for contemporary self builds. Steel is always 100% recyclable and the zinc coating delivers higher environmental benefits than hot-dipped galvanised sheets or polyester. Plus, it's anti-corrosion, resulting in less maintenance and a longer life.

Roof Trusses

As the practical method of framing your self build, roof and attic trusses are the most common form of framing in the UK. Jewson's in-house service includes roof design with a fully computerised MiTek® design backed by Public Indemnity insurance. What's more, our roof trusses are factory-produced to reduce time on site and for a greater level of precision. So you can rest assured that you'll receive the highest level of advice and service throughout your project.

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Guttering is an essential element to any building. The efficient collection and dispersion of rainwater is often overlooked. As well as an extensive range of plastics from Hepworth we offer specialist solutions that are popular for Self Builds. The master of guttering systems is Lindab, a manufacturer that has perfected the art of functionality with aesthetic appeal. With an extensive range of steel components available, you can choose the guttering that best suits your build - from the traditional to the contemporary, Lindab has a solution.

As an alternative to steel, Saint-Gobain Pipelines has been manufacturing cast iron gutters and downpipes at Telford for over 100 years. Produced using the latest pipe manufacturing technology, the guttering is made from 97% recycled material to make it 100% recyclable.

Roof Windows

Used imaginatively, VELUX roof windows can become the focal point around which your self build property can be built. We offer a complete system of complimentary products and accessories for any solution from installation right to the finishing touches.

Products include:

  • Roof Windows are available as centre-pivot, top hung, roof terrace and cabrio balcony, vertical and sloping elements.
  • Integra Electric Roof Windows allow users to control their windows at the touch of a button. Features include programmable ventilation, rain sensors and personal pre-settings.
  • Sun Tunnels bring natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces thanks to a specially designed tunnel from the roof to the ceiling.
  • Flat Roof Systems are for homeowners who are looking for more natural light inside the house. Ventilation is controlled by the touch of a button on a wireless remote control.
  • Dormer Windows are a relatively new alternative to traditional flat roof dormers and offer increased daylight, ventilation and view.

Green Sedum Roofing

Green roofs turn flat roofs into living landscapes. They are a low growing but potentially colourful carpet of planting comprising sedum and hardy plants. As well as having a visual benefit they help to control rainwater, retaining up to 90% and reducing the load on the drainage system. They reduce dust and smog, have a sound proofing effect, improve air quality, and increase the life of the roof by protecting it from UV and climatic extremes.

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