Jewson stock a complete range of plaster for a wide variety of applications. These include suction control, bonding agents, one coat, two coat, final coat, undercoat, skin coat, specialist and decorative finishes. Our trained staff will be able to advise on what type of plaster would be most suitable for your job. With such a variety of products on offer we're guaranteed to be able to provide you with the plaster that will suit your specific needs. Many of these are stock items that can be ordered direct from branch however we can deliver direct to site.


  • One Coat Plaster

    One Coat Plaster

    Can be used as an undercoat and finish in one application on brick and block work and plasterboard.

  • Airless Plaster

    Airless Plaster

    Two coat plaster to suit your requirements.

  • Final Coat Plaster

    Final Coat Plaster

    For use on undercoats and plasterboard for final plaster finish.

  • Undercoat Plaster

    Undercoat Plaster

    For use on a variety of backgrounds that require specific product qualities such as low suction, high impact and damp resistance.

  • Specialist Plaster

    Specialist Plaster

    A selection of specialist plasters for a variety of applications.

  • Casting Plaster

    Casting Plaster

    Versatile lightweight plaster that is easily carved and shaped once set.