At Jewson we stock a wide range of specialist paints for a variety of applications. From floor paint for tough and durable concrete or wooden floor finishes to metal paint such as the trusted Hammerite brand to enhance and protect metal surfaces from moisture and therefore rust.

We also supply Stainblock from Polycell that permanently covers most stains and can be over-painted in around 10 minutes. Dulux Stain Block is water based 2 in1 primer that seals and binds surfaces and is recoatable in 6/8 hours.


  • Floor Paint

    Floor Paint

    For Interior use. Ideal for most concrete and wooden floor areas. Comes in a choice of colours and has a hardwearing protective satin finish.

  • Metal Paint

    Metal Paint

    Hammerite Metal Paints require minimal surface preparation before application and offer long lasting protection.

  • Stain Block

    Stain Block

    Primer suitable for use on interior walls and ceilings that treats stains caused by water, nicotine, soot, graffiti, grease, wax and rust.