Brushes & Rollers

Brushes & Rollers

Selecting the correct brush for achieving a high quality finish is a personal and logical choice. At Jewson we can supply a paintbrush for any decorating task whether you're working inside or out, from dust removal to paint application, exterior walls to fine detail painting, from skirting boards to ceilings. We carry our own high quality branded brushes and rollers, whilst also stocking Hamilton, one of the most highly respected names in the game. This range includes all-purpose through to professional standard brushes with both natural and synthetic bristles. You can buy individual items or make sure you have one for every job by investing in a kit. When it comes to applying paint to any surface whatsoever Jewson have got it covered.


  • All Purpose Brushes

    All Purpose Brushes

    We stock a comprehensive range of all-purpose brushes for use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Bristle Brushes

    Bristle Brushes

    High quality natural bristle ensures good paint spreading whilst the stainless steel ferrule is non-rust. Jewson stock a good range of sizes.

  • Block Brushes

    Block Brushes

    Multi-purpose block brushes are ideal for use with paint and wood preservatives.

  • Masonry Brushes

    Masonry Brushes

    Hard wearing brushes designed for use with masonry paint.

  • Sash Brushes

    Sash Brushes

    Sash brushes are ideal for glossing, detail painting, edging and profile surfaces.

  • Dusting Brushes

    Dusting Brushes

    For quick and effective removal of dust before painting and decorating.

  • Long Reach Brushes

    Long Reach Brushes

    Make life easier without the use of a ladder where there are hard to reach and awkward areas to paint.

  • Specialist Brushes

    Specialist Brushes

    A selection of specialist paintbrushes for use in a variety of applications to ensure you have the right brush for the job every time.

  • Synthetic Brushes

    Synthetic Brushes

    High quality synthetic bristle brushes in a choice of sizes.

  • Wall Brushes

    Wall Brushes

    Wall brushes are perfect for the application of emulsions, sealants, primers, PVA or wallpaper paste.

  • Window Brushes

    Window Brushes

    Window brushes have been specifically designed with an angled cut to the bristles for painting window frames.

  • Brush & Roller Sets

    Brush & Roller Sets

    Sets of the most useful brushes and rollers to satisfy all your painting requirements.

  • Brush & Roller Accessories

    Brush & Roller Accessories

    Roller frames and sets, frame accessories, sleeves and extensions poles to make life easier and the job quicker.