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What Type of Cement Do I Need?

Cement is the binding material which mixes with water and sometimes other components to make concrete or mortar. It can’t be used by itself, but it is sometimes difficult to choose which cement to choose for your project. Choosing cement depends on the application, whether it be driveway paving, foundations or building brick walls. Our guide should help you select the best option:

General purpose cement

As you probably guessed, general purpose cement is that handy mate who can somehow do everything. You can use it to make concrete, mortar and grout. Ideal for helping out in paving, bricklaying and general building work. A great cost effective building material to always have around. 

Rapid setting cement

Rapid setting cement provides high strength, in a fraction of the time of its slower counterparts. Perfect for when you need a quick fix, such as hole filling and emergency repairs. If something slows your project down, it won’t be this cement!

Ready to use cement

Save yourself time and effort with ready to use cement. It is available in smaller sizes, making it ideal for smaller jobs, when mixing up large quantities of concrete is unnecessary. Simply add water and get cracking. 

Cement tips:

  • ​​​​​​​Always use clean water to mix!