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Looking outside the box with outbuildings

If a full extension or loft conversion is a bit too daunting for your customers, then creating an outbuilding could be a good compromise. Far more than just a garden shed, outbuildings can add a fantastic feature to an outdoor space and are used in lots of different ways. They’ve become hugely popular over the past few years as more homeowners look to modernise their garden design by bringing the indoors, outdoors. According to a recent survey by Insulation4Less, gardens are the third most popular area for renovation this year, so the rise in popularity of outbuildings is no surprise. Let’s look at some of their benefits.

One Building, Limitless Uses  
No longer are they just a place for extra storage or the broken-down lawnmower, outbuildings, when done right, offer today’s homeowners so much more. An extra bedroom, gym, home office or even a bar – the possibilities on how they can add value to your customer’s home are endless. 

They’re of course much easier than a typical extension to construct, offering you less hassle and a quicker project turnaround time. Plus, less red tape, as there won’t usually be any reason why your job would get held up by planning permission.

With the help of our estimating team at Build Aviator, we’ve taken the hassle out of designing these spaces. Our team has developed a range of garden rooms that are ready for you to pre-order – saving you time on estimating and ordering materials. Alternatively, if your customers are looking for a more bespoke package, we can help with that too – just get in touch with the team and they’ll provide you with everything you need. 

Going the extra mile
Outbuildings are a great solution when it comes to finding extra space, but they can be cold and noisy if you go for the basic design options. While one of the main benefits of outbuildings is that they can come pre-packaged and are easy to install, if you’re looking to provide a space that’s comfortable for your customers, then you’ll need to consider adding extra measures. Underfloor heating, innovative insulation such as the ISOVER range and ventilation systems like UNOhab will make a whole world of difference.

It’s not just about the functionality of a building, as design features will also play a big part in your customer’s satisfaction. Consider adding bifold doors to open up the room and bring in the beauty of the outdoors, and couple this with some exterior composite decking (far more durable than traditional timber) and you’ll have a project finished to the highest standard. 

If you’re looking to help your customers with their next outbuilding project, get in touch with the Build Aviator team who can help you design bespoke outbuildings to meet all of your client’s needs.