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A window into the future of loft conversionsMaking Better Homes - Loft Conversions

Your customers want more room, more natural light and less hassle in their homes, so they can live happier, more comfortable lives. But this can often be tricky to achieve, especially when it comes to cramped, dark converted loft spaces. Installing roof windows can help customers in this area. We’ve been speaking to our friends at VELUX® about their innovative new product ranges, which can really help you wow your customers.

Never out of reach

With a loft conversion, you should always look to maximise the customer’s sense of space and create a room that generates a sanctuary-like environment. VELUX INTEGRA® electric top-hung roof windows are the perfect way to do that. This product offers panoramic views for users, and can be operated at the touch of a button. VELUX INTEGRA® top-hung roof windows create a peaceful, balcony-like feeling that fills a space with natural daylight. You can also use VELUX solar or electric blinds with them too, which can also be operated electronically – a great sell for your customers.

Rain rain go away

We all know the British weather can be glorious sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows are fitted with rain sensing technology which means they automatically close as soon as raindrops are detected, much like modern car windscreens. And don’t worry if your customer already has manual VELUX roof windows, they can be upgraded to VELUX INTEGRA® solar powered roof windows with an easy-to-install conversion kit, so there’s no need to replace the whole window.

Those clever people over at VELUX haven’t stopped there when it comes to innovative window technology. They've even found a way for you to offer your customers complete control over their environment. This is where VELUX ACTIVE comes in.

When this package is fitted with VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, the system is able to monitor the temperature, humidity and even the CO2 levels in any room. It will open and close the roof windows to regulate the climate, based on your customer’s personal preferences. This smart package is made up of three components; an Indoor Climate Sensor, the Departure Switch and the Gateway, each with their own benefits.

Three innovations, one solution

The Indoor Climate Sensor measures the air quality of the room, and reacts to the data by opening or closing the roof windows. It can operate a group of VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows at the same time, but one needs to be installed in each room where the roof windows are fitted.

But what about when your customers leave their sanctuary spaces? We all know there’s nothing worse than heading out for the day then wondering whether you left a window open. With the departure switch, you can offer your customers peace of mind. It just needs to be placed by the front door or at any exit point, and it will automatically secure the roof windows when the house is empty – either by closing fully or leaving the roof windows slightly open if the air quality needs adjusting. It is also available as a feature on the VELUX ACTIVE app, where your customer can access their home’s climate data and open or close their roof windows wherever.

You’re probably getting the feeling that the team at VELUX have thought of everything, so of course there’s also a nifty bit of kit which connects all of this together – and this is the Gateway. It’s important to fit the Gateway in a place with a good Wi-Fi connection, so that it can receive information from the Sensor and send it straight to your customer’s VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.

If you’re looking for more support on innovative ways to brighten up your customer’s homes, reach out to your local Jewson branch or read more on the Jewson hub.