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Renewable technologies 

It’s never been more important to work together and cut down carbon emissions where ever we can. Renewable energy technologies harness power from alternative sources, such as solar and wind to power buildings of all sizes. We want to make it as easy as possible to choose a better substitute to traditional energy sources in your builds and renovations. We’ve put together a few resources on this page to help guide you through some renewable technology options and allow you to make the best decision for your project. Don’t forget, our Making Better Homes team are available for support and further information.

Find out more about solar PV

Solar PV

The solar PV market is bigger than ever. With rising energy prices and ambitious Net Zero targets leading the UK away from fossil fuels, solar PV has become one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of generating renewable energy for homes and businesses.

Find out more about solar thermal

Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems allow householders to utilise the power of the sun to provide hot water to their home. With zero CO₂  emissions, solar thermal is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional energy sources, and can be easily incorporated into a new or existing heating system.

Learn more about air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pump uses heat energy from the air, and converts it into energy to heat homes. Grant heat pumps are ‘air-to-water’, which means that they extract useful heat from the outside air, and transfer it into ‘wet’ heating systems such as radiators or underfloor heating. 

Find out more about sedum roofing

Sedum roofing

Sedum roofs are flowered panels that can be attached to garden shed roofs, outbuildings or even extensions. This means they’re ideal for homeowners who are not only environmentally-conscious, but have a smaller garden space to work with.

Project estimating from Build Aviator

Project estimating

Build Aviator helps you to save time, build intelligently, reduce risks and make you more competitive for every job.

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