Bright & Sheradised Nails

Bright & Sheradised Nails The Jewson range of bright and sheradised nails offers extreme quality at an affordable price and features masonry nails, lost head nails, oval nails, round nails, annular ring nails, twist nails and bright pins.


  • Masonry Nails

    Masonry Nails

    Made from hardened steel and designed specifically for use on concrete, masonry, brick and stone.

  • Bright Lost Head Nails

    Bright Lost Head Nails

    Bright lost head nails for where a flush finish is needed. Suitable for joinery work which will be painted

  • Oval Nails

    Oval Nails

    Bright oval wire nails for use in general carpentry and joinery.

  • Round Nails

    Round Nails

    General purpose bright round wire nails.

  • Annular Ring

    Annular Ring

    Annular ring nails ensure that the nails can be driven flush without crushing the surrounding wood.

  • Twist Nails

    Twist Nails

    Square twist nails for outdoor use for where an extra strong fixing is required. Suitable for restraint straps and joist hangers.

  • Bright Pins

    Bright Pins

    Shiny pins for use with wood veneers and, fixing small section mouldings and other more intricate applications.