Nails & Fuel Packs

Nails & Fuel Packs

Jewson stock a range of nails for fixing and fastening a variety of materials such as plasterboard, floorboards, skirting board, roofing slates, moulding, panelling and trim.

We also carry a selection of nail and brad fuel packs in different sizes and quantities.


  • Lath Nails

    Lath Nails

    A selection of lath nails for general use.

  • Cut Clasp Nails

    Cut Clasp Nails

    Cut clasp nails are ideal for fixing floorboards and skirting board.

  • Disc Rivets

    Disc Rivets

    Disc rivets are suitable for fixing roofing slates to roofs.

  • Brad Nails

    Brad Nails

    Small finishing nail for fixing moulding or panelling and trim.

  • Nail & Brad Fuel Packs

    Nail & Brad Fuel Packs

    Nail and brad fuel packs in various sizes and quantities to suit your needs.