Deliver a blow and make an impact with our comprehensive selection of hammers. Good strength and balance are the key factors when choosing a specific hammer for a job whilst coated handles give a good grip.

At Jewson our extensive range includes claw hammers, pin hammers, club hammers, brick hammers, scotch hammers and rubber mallets. We stock our own branded items that offer extreme quality at an affordable price and also carry brand names such as Faithfull, Roughneck and Stanley to give you exceptional choice.


  • Claw Hammers

    Claw Hammers

    A head for pounding and a handy claw to pull nails out with ease.

  • Pin Hammers

    Pin Hammers

    Rounded head useful for lighter work or hitting a chisel or punch.

  • Club Hammers

    Club Hammers

    Heavy polished faced hammer for more high impact work such as light demolition and driving masonry nails.

  • Brick Hammers

    Brick Hammers

    Specially designed for cutting, brick, masonry, concrete block and tiles.

  • Scutch Hammers

    Scutch Hammers

    Ideal for all types of stone dressing and used when preparing surfaces prior to rendering.

  • Rubber Mallets

    Rubber Mallets

    Rubber hammers are suitable for more delicate jobs where a metal hammer is too robust for the job. The perfect tool for pitching a tent.