Jewson has knives to be used for a wide variety of cutting and trimming applications on any number of materials including carpet, vinyl, plasterboard, hardboard and cardboard. Work in safety with retractable blades or benefit from the flexibility of fixed or snap off knives.

Jewson stock an excellent selection with different ergonomic qualities allowing different cuts to be made depending upon the job you're undertaking. We stock our own brand products that offer extreme quality at an affordable price and also carry brand names such as Stanley and Irwin to provide you with an exceptional choice.


  • Retractable Blade Knives

    Retractable Blade Knives

    Lock the blade at various positions to suit your purpose or retract it for safety. Easy to change blades.

  • Fixed Blade Knives

    Fixed Blade Knives

    Chose the right knife with a fixed blade for cutting a variety of materials from carpet to hardboard.

  • Snap Off Knives

    Snap Off Knives

    Multi-position slide to get precise blade position. Snaps off to remove dull section and incorporates an easy blade change system.

  • Knife Blades

    Knife Blades

    A range of high quality knife blades for cutting a wide variety of materials and replacement blades for snap off knives.