We really make the cut at Jewson with our extensive range of saws for a variety of applications and jobs. We stock our own brand products that offer extreme quality at an affordable price and also carry brand names such as Bahco, Spear & Jackson and Irwin to provide you with an exceptional choice.

Our saws can cut an array of materials in any number of shapes and sizes. We also keep a comprehensive selection of blades that are available in our branches nationwide. Our team of highly trained staff will be happy to advise on what saw or blade is the most suitable whatever you're looking to cut.


  • Hand Saws

    Hand Saws

    A range of handsaws for cutting all types of wood and man-made materials.

  • Hack Saws

    Hack Saws

    Fine tooth saw for when you need to cut metal, plastic or pipe. Various blades available.

  • Junior Hand Saws

    Junior Hand Saws

    A range of junior saws for cutting finer sized shapes with a variety of blades.

  • Coping Saws

    Coping Saws

    For cutting curves, slots and intricate shapes and typically used on thinner materials.

  • Bow Saws

    Bow Saws

    Bow saws are ideal tools for cutting through thick branches up to several inches in diameter and removing hard dead wood from trees and shrubs.

  • Wood Saws

    Wood Saws

    A variety of quality saws for the cutting of wood.

  • Wall Board Saws

    Wall Board Saws

    Complete with a long serrated blade having a pointed tip that is used to poke through wallboard to initiate the first cut.

  • Pull Saws & Blades

    Pull Saws & Blades

    These are designed to cut on the pull stroke giving them great versatility in many applications. Pruning saws and blades available.

  • Saw Blades

    Saw Blades

    An excellent selection of replacement or spare blades for your range of saws.

  • Saw Accessories

    Saw Accessories

    A variety of saw accessories that no toolbox should be without.