Spanners, Wrenches & Sockets

Spanners, Wrenches & Sockets

Having the correct spanner or socket can sometimes be the difference between getting a job finished or not, which is where an adjustable wrench becomes a workshop essential.

Jewson's own brand offers quality combined with affordability but we also stock products by Stanley to give that extra choice. Our socket sets come in a range of sizes to make sure that you always have the correct one, whatever the nut.


  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Adjustable Wrenches

    The convenience and versatility to tackle nut and bolts of any size with an adjustable jaw.

  • Spanners


    Grab a set of handy spanners for a multitude of everyday jobs.

  • Socket Sets

    Socket Sets

    Durable and long-lasting ratchet with a range of different sizes of socket heads.