Drains and Foundations

There are various forms of drainage you can incorporate into your self build. Depending on the structure, the lie of the land and personal preference, the following should help to make that decision easier.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

By law, adding hard surfacing to a front garden in England is not permissible in areas of more than five metres squared without a planning application. The only exception to this new legislation is if the surfacing is rendered permeable.

The Government has introduced this law because the drains in most urban areas are very old and were not built to cope with increased rainfall that has accompanied climate change. The combined effect of many paved front gardens in one street or area can increase the risk not only of flooding, but also of any pollution collected by the hard surfaces being washed off into drains - which often ends up in streams and rivers, or in the domestic watercourse.

There are many different approaches to constructing a driveway or other paved area that controls and reduces rainfall runoff into drains. These are known as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and include permeable surfaces or soakaways and rain gardens.

Through working with Greenworks, the renewable solutions specialist, Jewson offers a number of products that can form part of a SUDS system, and can meet any need.

Sustainable Water Solutions

Rainwater Harvesters

Rainwater harvesting has the potential to save a large volume of mains water and reduce the pressure on water resources. Water that would otherwise be lost can be used to flush toilets, water gardens and feed washing machines. Rainwater harvesting can ideally be used on large surfaces such as roofs or driveways, for example, an average driveway can provide up to 100m3 (100,000 litres) of water per year.

Soak-aways and Attenuation Systems

These are designed to hold excess water during heavy rainfall and then gradually release stored water in a controlled manner. They work by accommodating ground water until it can soak away into the surrounding permeable ground. They allow surface water to be dealt with at source rather than being diverted to sewerage systems.

Porous Paving

Planning permission is required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater from front gardens onto roads, because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of watercourses. However, you will not require planning permission if a new driveway or parking area is constructed using a permeable block paving product. Jewson offers a comprehensive range with different colours and patterns to suit your preference. Another option is to use aggregates and we can supply both decorative and base aggregate in bulk bags or handy-bags.

We've Got It Covered

Jewson offers a comprehensive range of traditional ductile iron and steel manhole covers, plus the ability to have bespoke manhole cover or drainage products made to suit specific site or consultant driven requirements. This is supported by an extensive range of drainage and ancillary products to cater for any project requirements.

Clay Drainage

There are many advantages to using clay pipes within a drainage system. These range from sustainability to durability. As a raw material clay is a highly dependable material that can be recycled and reused. It is strong enough to withstand most loading situations all by itself and with the bedding materials actually enhancing the overall strength of the clay, so you can be confident you are using a highly robust material. Clay drainage is also more resistant to high water pressure from jetting equipment than other drainage materials. This allows for blockages to be cleaned faster, safer and more efficiently.

With a lifetime expectancy of 100 years, clay provides long replacement cycles and minimises disruption to other buildings in the future. And with vitrified clay being one of the most inert materials in existence, the pipes are unaffected by any effluent acceptable in an adopted sewer system or by aggressive ground conditions. We stock the full range from Hepworth Building Products.

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