Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Construction

Timber-frame construction, using a separate outer skin of masonry, isn't as commonplace in the UK as conventional brick and block. But there are several advantages to consider, including speed of construction.

How fast is timber-frame construction?

Erection of timber-frames generally involves the supplier's carpenters during the build. This introduces a high degree of component familiarity, expertise and time-efficiency, with problems easily addressed by an experienced crew. Less than two weeks is usual.

Against this, the precise design for a timber frame must be finalised in advance of manufacture, and allowance of factory-time (often three months) needs including in the schedule. Late alteration of a design spells delays and costs.

Timber frames require less time to dry-out, ahead of internal work such as decorating and electrical installation. This can commence as soon as a timber frame is weatherproofed. Low temperatures are no hindrance and if poor weather is likely, timber-frame construction will quickly enclose areas requiring further work, which would be considerably delayed within a masonry frame.

Is timber-framing a 'green' solution?

Providing timber is sourced responsibly, each tree used will be replaced. The carbon-footprint is further reduced by trees' absorption of carbon during growth. Timber grown closest to its place of use is 'greenest'. Rapidly-adjustable room temperature is possible within a timber-framed home, suiting occupants who aren't continuously present for long periods, allowing heating bills to reflect reduced energy use.

How durable are timber frames?

The longevity of historic buildings indicates timber frames last centuries. Given appropriate treatment and ventilation, modern timber-framing is extremely resistant to rot, fire and insect attack.

Is timber framing cost-effective?

Quotes vary according to how companies measure projects. Assuming the plans aren't unusually complex, timber framing may appear slightly more costly, though this can be offset by shorter construction periods.

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