Building Materials

There are many construction methods to choose from when building a property in the UK. This decision is usually determined by personal preference, the surrounding buildings or guidelines set out by the local authority. As you'd expect, Jewson stocks everything you'll need to complete your self build project, from the foundations to the roof.

The most conventional form of building in the UK is brick and block. This entails an inner skin of concrete blocks, followed by an outer skin of facing bricks and a layer of insulation between the two.

Sourcing the right kind of brick can be a tiresome and frustrating process. That's why Jewson has a network of Specialist Brick Centres that stock over half a million bricks. In addition to the brick matching service, Jewson also provides an online brick library, so you can source the right product from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you're looking for a particular kind of lintel, Jewson stocks the full range from Catnic. We can provide special lintels in all kinds of exciting shapes and sizes so you won't have problems finding what you're looking for. From arch lintels, gothic lintels, bay window lintels, to custom made lintels and bespoke lintel designs, we supply them all, so the only constraint is your imagination.

Even if you are using basic building materials, don't restrict the outcome of your project, as you will find there are more specialised products available to cope with any design requirement.

If you decide on a timber frame construction, you will find more information on the range of Jewson engineered timber in our timber section.

Your project may involve the renovation of an old property in which case you will require specialist products and Jewson can supply what you need. For example you may need to use lime products. If this is the case, Jewson provides the relevant lime products required for such a task, including Natural Hydraulic Lime, Lime Putty and Hydrated Lime. There are many advantages to using lime: it allows the building to breathe, is less rigid than cement mortars, eliminates the need for movement joints on large elevations and can heal cracks thanks to movement. What's more, there are environmental advantages too: lower CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process, plus the CO2 recombines with the lime during its lifetime, unlike cement. And reclamation of building materials is easier with "soft" lime mortars than with OPC.

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