Notification of Security Breach

The Jewson Direct website (formerly the Jewson Tools website at has suffered a security breach and, as a result, customer data may have been compromised.

The breach was discovered on 3 November 2017. On becoming aware of the breach, we have temporarily shut down the website

We have notified 1,659 customers whose data may have been compromised and are offering free credit monitoring to those affected to help detect any potential misuse of data in the future.

Only the Jewson Direct website was affected by the security breach.

Our main website , our credit account customers and transactions across our branch network are not affected by the security breach and are operating normally.

We have commissioned a forensic investigation into the breach using a specialist firm and the Jewson Direct (formerly the Jewson Tools website) will remain offline until the investigation has been completed.

We sincerely apologise for the distress and inconvenience this security breach has caused to those customers affected.