The following table illustrates our combined CO2 equivalent emissions for Electricity, Gas and Diesel usage:

CO2 Emissions

Year-on-year we've continued to make significant progress in reducing CO2 emissions, dropping from 44.2 tonnes in 2008 to 43.8 tonnes in 2009 (per £million of turnover).

Saint-Gobain now obtains over 80% of its electricity from good quality CHP sources. This equates to just half of the carbon footprint of standard 'grid' electricity. A further 10% is from renewable sources, which produce electricity that has a zero carbon footprint.

The achievement of ISO14001 accreditation across the entire Jewson network will continue to have a positive impact on the drive to reduce CO2 emissions throughout our business.

Water Consumption

We made significant progress in this area with a drop of 10.2% on the total amount of water used compared with 2008. During 2009 we continued our programme of monitoring water used by specific sites was and rectifying any leaks. This will continue to have a positive effect over the coming year.

Timber Certification

As members of the WWF-UK Forest and Trade Network we continue to implement the 'Stepwise' approach to timber procurement. We also increased the number of branches with Chain of Custody and exceeded our projected target for certified timber of 73%.

Waste To Landfill

During 2009 we completed the roll-out of our waste management plan to all other brands with the SGBD network. We exceeded our target of 19,400 tonnes in 2009 and we are confident the plans now in place will ensure we meet our commitment to halve waste to landfill by 2012 against 2008.

This is the target set out in the UK Sustainable Construction Strategy 2008 and is a realistic target while we continue with our long-term aim of zero waste to landfill.

Inbound Packaging

Progress has been made since 2008 and we aim to continue to work with our major suppliers to achieve our targeted 20% reductions. SGBD UK & Ireland has put in place a target to reduce the amount of Packaging Waste on the products we purchase by 20% by 2012.

Note: Data covers all SGBD UK & Ireland companies. Whilst the data is prepared using a combination of specific measurements and some estimates, we believe that the information represents a fair benchmark position from which to measure future improvements in our environmental performance.