In-Depth Procurement With Responsible Foundations

As the UK's leading timber and building materials supplier, and part of SGBD, we are able to offer an unrivalled range of over 400,000 products from core building materials to specialist products.

We build close working relationships with our suppliers to develop sustainable, visible, endto- end supply chains that bring benefits to all parties. We are able to draw on their expertise to help us add value to any project - in areas such as streamlined logistics, improved product availability and reduced waste packaging.

We only work with suppliers that can offer products that conform to nationally or internationally recognised criteria and where appropriate, provide guidance on the use of the products that we supply. When we source from low-cost countries, we recognise that working conditions differ on a country-to-country basis and operate a code of conduct detailing the way in which we want supplier factories to be managed.

Responsible Timber Procurement

Timber and timber products form a significant part of Jewson's activities; it is therefore Imperative that we take an informed approach to responsible timber procurement and sales.

Our policy is to purchase wherever possible from well managed forest sources that participate positively in the protection of biodiversity in forest lands and in the habitats of forest-reliant communities.

We also recognise that some areas of the world represent a greater environmental risk than others in respect of timber harvesting. So, we seek to obtain clear evidence of good forest management at the original source and give preference to suppliers who can provide such evidence.

Where customer demand dictates that we procure timber from areas of greater risk, we only work with suppliers who can demonstrate an improving programme of sustainability.

We are firmly committed to continuously increasing the volume of timber we procure from certified sources, and where this is not available purchasing from known and legal sources. We understand the importance of auditable independent certification in this process and continue to introduce relevant schemes throughout the business as appropriate.

Case Study: Chain of Custody

Jewson has a network of branches that offer Chain of Custody certification for timber products.

Chain of Custody is a process that, using independent auditing, rigorously documents and tracks certified timber from the forest, through each stage of the supply chain, to the final point of purchase. Timber that qalifies for Chain of Custody certification is only sourced from 'legal and sustainable' forests. It guarantees the timber has been harvested legally and as part of an overall forest management system.