Central Heating Controls

Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are essential items for regulating the temperature throughout a property. Fully programmable, available in wireless and wired options, they can help to reduce expensive fuel bills and offer the convenience of being able to come home to a warm house. We supply thermostats and programmers by some of the best names in the industry such as Altech, Honeywell and Danfoss.


  • Room Thermostats

    Room Thermostats

    Mechanical, electronic and digital room thermostats to control temperature.

  • Programmers


    Be in control of heating in advance with a clear and easy-to-use programmer for convenience to cut down on fuel bills.

  • Heating Control Packs

    Heating Control Packs

    A handy pack of heating controls, including valve, programmer and thermostat.

  • Heating Control Sundries

    Heating Control Sundries

    A selection of sundries for use in central heating systems.