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Find trade-trusted adhesives & bonding agents at Jewson including Evo-Stik adhesive, Gorilla super glue, PVA glue, grab adhesive, wood adhesive & gap-filling adhesives.



Jewson's great range of contact adhesives, multipurpose glues, and bonding agents allow you to fix all kinds of different materials in place with reliable lasting results. Our selection includes wood adhesive to fix timber together and to fix wood to other surfaces, as well as a variety of strong glue including superglue. We stock gap-filling adhesives that can expand to fill irregular spaces while also offering adhesion properties.

Contact adhesive and grab adhesive provides rapid adhesion, to hold materials in place for the remainder of the curing time. We also stock PVA glue, including plaster PVA, which has broad applications including sealant properties, as well as offering versatile adhesion for commercial and DIY projects alike. In addition to our adhesive glues, you can find more options in our adhesive tapes, as well as in our range of sealants which provide waterproofing.