Specialist Adhesives

Specialist Adhesives

Don't become unstuck by using the wrong type of adhesive for a specialist job. We stock a set of adhesives to cover every eventuality and our team of professional staff in branch will be able to help you choose the right one from expanding foams, adhesives for tiling walls and floors, and bespoke roofing products that are weather and waterproof.


  • Expanding Foam

    Expanding Foam

    Ideal for filling and sealing awkward cavities by shooting liquid foam to create a long lasting seal, which insulates against heat and moisture.

  • Tile Adhesives

    Tile Adhesives

    A selection of high quality adhesives for fixing floor and wall tiles.

  • Roofing Adhesives

    Roofing Adhesives

    Choose from our selection of roofing adhesives, that are waterproof, weather resistance and able to bond virtually any surface together