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How to write a great building quote

Being able to write a quote for building work is an essential piece of tradesperson knowhow. It gives a customer peace of mind – they’ll have a good idea around exactly what work you’ll be carrying out and what the cost will be.

builders quote

Builders quote or estimate?

Knowing the difference between a building estimate and a building quote is important. The one you provide will depend on the stage of discussion with your client and whether or not you've visited the site.

An estimate is a non-binding agreement that doesn’t cover the finer details of a job. Give examples of work that could be uncovered once the project has started, and could impact the final total. Make sure the customer knows that it’s only an estimate.

You should only give a building quote when you know the price won’t change. It should give an accurate breakdown of the project and the cost. A building quote is a contract between yourself and your customer. It should offer enough detail to cover any potential questions.

What should be included in a builders quote?

If you often quote for the same kind of job, consider a building quote template you can use repeatedly. This will save you time whenever you need to compile a building quote, as you only have to fill in the specifics. A clear and comprehensive quote should include:

  • your company name, address, contact details, and company logo (if you have one) with your VAT registration number if you’re registered
  • a reference number (handy if you’re producing a lot of quotes and need to identify which building project the customer is referring to)
  • a detailed breakdown of the work that will be carried out
  • any planning permission details
  • the quote date and how long it’s valid for
  • price and quantity of building materials
  • cost of labour – are you charging by the hour or the project?
  • when the work should be completed
  • the total, final price of the job (including any tax or VAT breakdown)
  • your terms and conditions
  • any trade associations, memberships or accreditations
  • any guarantees on your workmanship
  • customer testimonials
  • a box for the customer to sign off approval.

While the above is your ‘bread and butter’, there’s some extra information you might need to consider adding.

builders quote

What extra information do I need to consider?

While you don’t need to account for every screw and nail, you mustn’t leave any stone unturned. There are a few extra things you can add to your building quote to give it an edge:

Special notes – Insert a box for extra and relevant details. This helps avoid unexpected surprises for your customers. These can include the possibility of uncovering unforeseen conditions during renovations — poor soils, damaged plumbing etc.

Preparation and finish – Is there anything in your way that’s stopping you from starting work? For example, do a couple of trees need chopping down? And what about when you’re finished? Have you sorted out how building waste will be cleared from the site? This will prove to your customer that you’re thorough and have accounted for all the extra jobs.

When should I write my quote for building work?

Produce a prompt, detailed quote as quickly as you can. This will give the client confidence that you’ll be speedy when building work begins. This will give you a competitive edge and save time for other building projects. If the customer has to chase you up, you’ve less chance of securing the job.

While an in-depth quote can’t be thrown together in a short email or text, you can quickly produce detailed and thorough quotes.

It requires some planning and, ideally, using builders’ quote templates to create consistent, professional documents. It also means quoting for work while still fresh in your mind.

Key takeaways

It’s important not to overwhelm your customer with information, but to give them the information they will benefit from. Focus on understanding their problem and how you will help them.
Being able to issue detailed, error-free, timely and transparent building quotes is critical for any individual working in the construction industry. That way, you and your customers can get off on the right foot, giving your building business the best chance of success.

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