Specialist Screws & Screw Cups

Specialist Screws & Screw Cups

In some situations only a specialist screw will do. Whether it's self tapping, countersunk or you simply want to finish the job off with a screw cup. We stock a set of specialist screws to cover most situations and our team of professional staff in branch will be able to help you choose the right one. Give them a call today.


  • Black Japanned Woodscrews

    Black Japanned Woodscrews

    For use with wrought iron and black ironmongery offering excellent durability.

  • Brass Screw Cups

    Brass Screw Cups

    Used with countersunk wood screws to give a decorative finish. Available in brass and nickel plated.

  • Self Tapping Screws

    Self Tapping Screws

    A selection of self tappers that drill their own holes as you screw them in, available in pan or countersunk head.