Measuring & Marking

Measuring & Marking

Being able to accurately measure angles, heights and distances is one of the most important parts of any building job. At Jewson we stock a great selection of measuring and marking devices to ensure that you can achieve pinpoint accuracy every time. Our range includes tape measures, open tapes, rules, sliding bevels, combination squares and carpenter's pencils.


  • Tape Measures

    Tape Measures

    Choose the right tape measure from our range of accurate and durable models with various practical features.

  • Measuring Rules

    Measuring Rules

    Precision and hardwearing rules in metric and imperial measurements for making up close measurements.

  • Sliding Bevel

    Sliding Bevel

    An adjustable gauge that is the perfect tool for setting and transferring angles.

  • Markers


    Specialist carpenter’s pencil that can be sharpened to a chisel point eliminating the tendency that carbon pencils have of following the grain.

  • Combination Squares

    Combination Squares

    A versatile tool for setting out, measuring and marking.