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Hook Norton

Hook Norton

Nominated for: Best sustainable project of the year

Business name: Greencore Homes

Location of project: Hook Norton

Project overview: We have harnessed our vast experience and knowledge to champion the groundbreaking concept of a Climate Positive home. Our factory manufactures closed timber frame panels which are insulated with natural materials and are built into a timber frame superstructure that locks up more carbon than it emits. We want to go further than that and we are targeting the whole structure of each home achieving better than Net Zero in terms of embodied carbon. Our homes are also highly energy efficient and powered by electricity rather than gas. We utilise renewable energy sources for every home and target these supplying 100% of the energy required in use. We are creating communities where people can live low carbon, healthy and active lives. 

In partnership with the Hook Norton Community Land Trust (HNCLT) we are coming to the completion of a new Community Centre and 12 Climate Positive homes, which are built to Passivhaus thermal performance standards. the whole structure of each home is targeted to achieve better than Net Zero in terms of embodied carbon. The site benefits from a microgrid with the capability to store energy from the solar panels being provided on the roofs of all the homes. Residents will benefit from reduced energy bills from the energy efficiency of the building and the reduced cost of energy from the microgrid. The scheme will also have low carbon travel through an electric car club with EV charging points provided on site. As well as the homes, a community space is being built for use by the wider community and also including a guest room. As well as being available for the wider community this will help residents who are wanting to ‘right size’ into more suitable housing -giving extra space for families and friends to visit. 

Investment for the construction of the homes is being provided by Oxford Advanced Living a local sustainable developer. HNCLT are providing an opportunity for local ethical investors to become shareholders in the project through a Community Share Offer. The money raised will provide additional funding for the construction. The share offer is due to be launched in Autumn 2023. The homes comprise of 2 X one bedroom houses, 4 x two bedroom apartments and 2 x three bedroom houses for affordable rent and 4 x 2 bedroom apartments for private sale. The homes will be kept affordable in perpetuity and will not be sold on the open market. The affordable homes will be passed to local housing association, Soha Housing for management under a long lease. Affordable homes will be prioritised for people with a local connection to Hook Norton. If none from Hook Norton take up a home it be offered to people with a local connection to Sibford, Wiggington or Milcombe.

"Greencore Homes are thrilled and honoured to be shortlisted for this award. Partnering with Hook Norton Community Land Trust, our project comprises of a community centre along with four private sale, and eight affordable rental homes that cater specifically to families who have links to the local community.

We target the whole structure of each home to be better than net zero in terms of embodied carbon, with no offsetting required. Our homes are airtight and very energy efficient. Each home is powered by electricity rather than gas and we utilise renewable energy sources targeted to supply 100% of the energy required in use. We call this Climate Positive.

Thank you to Jewson and the Making Better Homes Awards for recognising our efforts."

Becks Hyseni - Greencore Homes

Becks Hyseni - Greencore Homes
Hook Norton why we deserve to win

Why Hook Norton deserves to win

Our pioneering approach to Climate Positive homes exemplifies a paradigm shift in sustainable housing. Their innovation in constructing homes with closed timber frame panels, insulating them with natural materials, and achieving a structure that sequesters more carbon than it emits is groundbreaking. Going beyond Net Zero in embodied carbon and utilizing renewable energy sources for 100% of energy needs sets an industry standard. Partnering with Hook Norton Community Land Trust, they've built 12 homes meeting Passivhaus standards, featuring a microgrid for stored solar energy, leading to reduced energy costs. The development includes electric car club facilities and a communal space, promoting a low-carbon lifestyle. Notably, their commitment to perpetually affordable housing, prioritizing local connections, and involving ethical investors through a Community Share Offer reflects a holistic sustainability model. This comprehensive approach, integrating innovation, community inclusivity, and perpetual affordability, positions Greencore Homes and HNCLT as trailblazers deserving recognition for redefining sustainable living.

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