Being able to access the right equipment at the right time is a key factor in any job. It's even more important if that equipment is essential to the smooth operation of your project.

At Jewson we understand the importance of this and that's why our branches stock a comprehensive range of general supplies. These include site-catering needs such as tea, coffee, sugar and hot water urns. Whilst more practical solutions for drying clothes are satisfied by our rotary airers and clotheslines.

Whether you want brooms and brushes, chains and ropes, or buckets and tubs get in touch with your local Jewson branch. They're there to help in every way that they can.


  • Brooms & Brushes

    Brooms & Brushes

    A range of hand brushes and long handled brooms for heavy-duty, indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Chains & Ropes

    Chains & Ropes

    Galvanised and zinc plated chains for security and lifting. A selection of ropes and cords for multiple uses.

  • Buckets, Tubs & Dustbins

    Buckets, Tubs & Dustbins

    Medium and heavy-duty buckets and tubs for mixing, carrying and containing. Strong plastic dustbin with lid.

  • Tapes, Markers, Mesh & Packers

    Tapes, Markers, Mesh & Packers

    A selection of items for making lines, creating barriers, indicating hazards and to provide packing solutions.

  • Floor Protection

    Floor Protection

    Safeguard interior floors and finishes during new construction and refurbishment.

  • Wire Equipment

    Wire Equipment

    Wire products for various applications such as barbed wire for security and wire mesh for fencing.

  • Sack Trucks

    Sack Trucks

    Sturdy sack trucks and bungees to make handling heavy materials around site easier and safer.

  • Sash Cords

    Sash Cords

    For sash windows in a range of thicknesses, waxed, natural jute or red spot.

  • Automotive


    Keep your vehicle spick and span and running smoothly with our range of car cleaning, upkeep and safety products.

  • Rubble Sacks and Hessian Sheeting
  • Hoses & Accessories
  • Mobile Phones