Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools

At Jewson we stock all the essential tools that you'll need for completing any plumbing work, from initial set out to finishing the job. Our extensive range includes wrenches and spanners, gas cylinders and torches, cleaning strips and pads, cutters, pipe freezers and testers.

We also carry accessories such as manhole keys and lubricants. We work closely with Rothenberger, one of the world's leading plumbing tools brands, to guarantee both quality and durability. Our trained staff can offer expert advice on choosing the right tool for the job whilst offering excellent after-sales customer care.


  • Manhole Keys

    Manhole Keys

    Gain easy access to drains and sewers using manhole keys. Available in lightweight T pattern and heavyweight T pattern.

  • Wrenches & Spanners

    Wrenches & Spanners

    Including basin wrenches and spanners for radiators and taps.

  • Torches & Gas

    Torches & Gas

    For soldering and brazing pipe joints - choose the right torch for you.

  • Soldering & Cleaning

    Soldering & Cleaning

    Essential items for cleaning the ends of copper pipes prior to soldering.

  • Pipe Cutters

    Pipe Cutters

    Cut cleanly and conveniently through copper and plastic piping. Various sizes available.

  • Pressure Testing

    Pressure Testing

    Make sure that pipework is leak-free with a quality testing product.

  • Pipe Freezing

    Pipe Freezing

    Freeze pipes quickly and easily so that maintenance or remedial work can be carried out with minimal disturbance.

  • Lubricant Spray

    Lubricant Spray

    Lubricant spray has been specifically designed for easing plastic pipe and fittings together.

  • Drain Tools

    Drain Tools

    A selection of keys for manholes and stopcocks.

  • Tube Benders & Accessories

    Tube Benders & Accessories

    Bending tools and springs for getting just the right angle on pipework.